God and Comics Podcast: A Tribute to Stan Lee

stantheman 1

Hello all!  I’m happy to say that Chris and I attended the wonderful Doxacon event in Washington, DC earlier this month and had a fantastic time!  Among other things, one of the great blessings that we received from it was the opportunity to meet my buddies, Fathers Jonathan Mitchican, Matt Stromberg and Kyle Tomlin of the “God and Comics” podcast!  In their latest episode, the mention Doxacon as well, and even do a nice little shoutout to my blog, so I just had to post. 🙂

And of course, I’d be remiss if I did not include some kind of tribute to the amazing legacy of Stanley Lieber, aka Stan “The Man” Lee, a personal hero of mine and luminary in the world of American pop culture.  I personally enjoyed the aforementioned fathers’ latest tribute to Stan the Man, and thought I’d share their latest episode here.  He will be missed!  May God rest his soul.



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