Creative Blessings Podcast Episode 4: Pentecost- Gifts of the Spirit

One of the concepts I’ve always loved about Orthodoxy is this notion that each of us are given gifts by the Holy Spirit on the day of our baptism. This thought is mentioned many times in the Scriptures, perhaps most notably in the second chapter of the Book of Acts, in which we first hear about the story of Pentecost, and how the disciples were given the gift of speaking in different languages.

The concept of superpowers is very similar in the world of fiction, with everyone having their own “gifts” that differ from each other but that nevertheless are used for the good of the people. Chris and I talk about a little of both today, and how each of us is special and valuable in our way with our own gifts in the fourth episode of our podcast, Creative Blessings.

The link is below! Let us know what you think when you get a chance, we’d lov to hear from you. God bless!


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